Delivering Design-Build Expertise

The ability to handle major Design-Build projects is a distinguishing characteristic of BE&K Building Group. We combine forces with the country's best Architectural & Engineering firms to execute superior projects through the Design-Build delivery method. Our company is nationally recognized for its Design-Build expertise, exemplified by more than 30 years of proven experience and our leadership role as a founding member of the Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA).

The Design-Build project delivery system produces a single source responsibility for both design and construction through the chosen Construction Manager. In pure Design-Build, the Construction Manager selects and subcontracts the Architect-Engineer, coordinating the development of the project’s schematics, design development and construction bid documents with a strong commitment to deliver overall BEST VALUE. Although the design and construction phase activities have different emphases, the same reporting structure and key players are in place throughout project. Design-Build provides for the most balanced comprehensive team effort. This delivery method also produces many advantages when project speed-to-market is critical.

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