KBR Building Group’s Steve Hill Becomes Certified Safety Professional (CSP)
November 1, 2012

KBR Building Group announces Steve Hill, Health, Safety and Environmental Manager, has completed all requirements for certification as a Certified Safety Professional (CSP®). This highly respected certification, administered by the nationally accredited Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP), is awarded to individuals who meet academic standards, satisfy professional safety experience requirements, and have passed two rigorous examinations.  The examinations cover engineering and management aspects of safety, applied sciences, legal and regulatory matters, professional affairs, and other safety-related topics. 

“We are very proud of Steve for this accomplishment, which has earned him the right to include the CSP designation behind his name, “ said Mike Sloan, Executive Vice President. “This is another great example of how individuals within KBR Building Group are personally committed to safety. Steve joins an outstanding team of CSP certified professionals company-wide.”

Based in KBR Building Group’s Washington office, Steve is currently assigned to DuPont’s Building 735 at Chestnut Run Plaza — the second phase of a multi-phase planned expansion at the company’s suburban campus in Wilmington, Delaware.  Designed to support up to 800 employees, Building 735 will consist of four levels of office space, including breakout and conference rooms, with a customer care center on the second floor. The building is slated to open in 2013 and is tracking LEED Gold certification.

Other Work at Chestnut Run — KBR Building Group completed phase-one construction at the site earlier this year. Building 730, an office building similar to Building 735, reached substantial completion in early February 2012 and is pending LEED Gold certification. In total, Buildings 730 and 735 will accommodate about 1,500 DuPont employees.

For more information about the CSP certification, visit the Board of Certified Safety Professionals website at www.bcsp.org.