KBR Building Group Employees at Boeing South Carolina Project Site Make Great Strides in Healthy Steps Program
August 8, 2013

Like many of his colleagues, KBR Building Group’s Donovan Sorber readily accepted the company’s 2013 Healthy Steps challenge to walk 1.5 million steps in nine months. What sets Donovan apart is that he accomplished his goal in less than three months!

“This past spring a group of us at the Boeing jobsite decided to have some friendly competition with KBR’s Healthy Steps program,” said Missy Wheeler, office manager at the Boeing Aft Body Optimization project in North Charleston, SC. “We received Fitbit-brand step counters through KBR and that was a real motivator. We may have gotten a late start compared to the rest of the company, but the program has motivated many people and we are thriving on the competition. Everyone is in awe of Donovan for reaching his 1.5 million steps in no time.”

Kenny Anderson, Operations Manager, KBR Building Group, added, "Since we started using the Fitbits in mid-May, Donovan Sorber has led the Boeing team with an average of 28,000 total steps per day. I had jokingly told him that he should try to walk a full marathon in one day… and yesterday he did it, clocking in 27.5 miles and almost 53,000 steps by 6 p.m. In the 12 weeks since using the FitBit Donovan has logged over 3 million steps and 1,500 miles!"

Donovan is a Quality Control Foreman who has been with our company for nine years.