Charleston Employees Give American Cancer Society's Hope Lodge a Makeover
March 11, 2015

KBR Building Group employees in Charleston are avid supporters of the American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge, a local “home away from home” for out-of-town adult cancer patients undergoing outpatient treatment at area medical centers such as MUSC, Rutledge Tower, Hollings Cancer Center and the VA Hospital. Located in the heart of the historic district, Hope Lodge provides lodging to the cancer patients and their caregivers at no cost.

In February, a group of Building Group volunteers painted the Lodge’s dining and common areas. Two months earlier, another group — comprised of many of the same people — painted several other areas of the house over a three-day period. In addition to the volunteer work, KBR Building Group’s Charleston office has donated items such as plastic storage containers, disposable glasses, bath towels, hand towels and washcloths.

“Our efforts have made a dramatic improvement to the Lodge. We enjoy getting together to do this much-needed work and are planning to do another round of painting in about three months,” said Michael Ross, event organizer and team leader for the Building Group’s volunteer crew.

Steve Powers, on-site maintenance technician for Hope Lodge Charleston, praised our team, saying “You should be very proud of the quality of work that was done. Words cannot express how much we appreciate your efforts. The Charleston Hope Lodge is now a brighter looking place for the thousands of future patients who will walk through our doors.”

About Hope Lodge
Established in 1970, the Charleston Hope Lodge was the first in the country. The concept was established by Margot Freudenberg, who saw a similar facility while traveling through Australia and New Zealand with President Eisenhower’s People to People Ambassador Program. Margot, now 103, is the longest-serving American Cancer Society volunteer in the nation. Click here to learn more.

Following is a letter Michael Ross received from Sundi Herring, Manager of Hope Lodge Charleston. Based on the statistics cited, it is evident that our colleagues in Charleston are truly making a difference.

February 25, 2015

Michael, Once again, you and your amazing team of volunteers from KBR Construction blew us away with the amazing job you did painting the downstairs of the Hope Lodge. The Dining Room and Kitchen of the Hope Lodge look new!I can’t begin to thank you for your hard work and the effort you ALL put in to make this such a great project. Your whole group was wonderful. Not only do you have an incredible work ethic and attention to detail, you understand the sensitivities of our cancer patients. Your kindness shows!

The gift of this painting project will touch literally thousands of cancer patients lives during the most stressful points of their treatment. Last year alone, we estimate that the meals we served out of the kitchen via volunteers saved the cancer patients over $80,000. They saved over $750,000 in hotel expenses by staying at the Hope Lodge. Your support will keep this program shining as a beacon of hope. If you ever need someone to sing the praises of KBR, please let me know!

Thank you again for your dedication and support — and let me know when you are ready to come back!

Sundi Herring | Manager Hope Lodge,
American Cancer Society, Inc.
269 Calhoun St., Charleston, SC 29401