New Boeing South Carolina Fire Station Officially Enters Service
May 5, 2015

KBR Building Group recently completed construction of a new fire station at Boeing’s South Carolina site in North Charleston. Strategically located to provide rapid response for the company’s active airplane flight line, the new 10,000-square-foot, three-bay fire station provides the site's Fire Department with a prime location and world-class resources for emergency response and fire prevention needs.

Because this area of South Carolina is prone to strong thunderstorms, hurricanes and seismic activity, the steel structure and exterior envelope are designed to withstand high winds and earthquakes. The mechanical design incorporates a modern energy efficient HVAC system, and the apparatus bay features an automatic exhaust system to maintain safe levels of carbon monoxide generated by vehicles in operation.

The state-of-the-art fire station was designed with the firefighters’ comprehensive needs in mind. Conference rooms and administrative areas promote a team environment, and offer better storage for gear and equipment — all of which help the firefighters perform their jobs more efficiently. Other enhancements enjoyed by firefighters working 24/7 shifts include upgraded sleeping quarters and kitchen.


Boeing fire officials, Boeing South Carolina (BSC) site leaders and members of the construction team performed a “hose uncoupling” to symbolize a traditional ribbon-cutting for the new fire station. Pictured (left to right): McMillan Pazdan Smith Architect Brian Fessler, KBR Building Group Superintendent Brian Luke, BSC Vice President/General Manager Jack Jones, BSC Fire Marshal Dave Zito, BSC Site Services Project Manager Claire Peters, KBR Building Group Assistant Project Manager Lee Wiewiora and BSC Fire Lieutenant Andre Dillon.

Exterior of new Boeing South Carolina Fire Station.