Georgia’s College of Dental Medicine Jobsite Team Gives Generously and Quickly to Alabama Tornado Relief Effort
May 9, 2011

The catastrophic tornadoes that ripped through the South last month had a devastating impact on the Shoal Creek Valley region of Alabama where the Building Group’s Shane Wilson calls home. Wilson, a superintendent on the College of Dental Medicine project at Georgia Health Sciences University (GHSU) in Augusta, Georgia, lives in Springville, Alabama, located about 30 miles northeast of Birmingham.

Wanting to do something to help his home community and the surrounding area, Wilson organized a relief effort at the GHSU jobsite within just a few days after the disaster. The intent was to send assistance directly to tornado victims as quickly as possible. The response was overwhelming. In less than a week’s time, Building Group subcontractors and vendors donated more than $28,000 worth of goods totaling 55,000 pounds. In addition, workers and other individuals associated with the College of Dental Medicine project generously contributed nearly $10,000 in cash.

All donations collected by the Building Group’s GHSU project team are being administered locally in Alabama by the Springville United Methodist Church. Specific help is being given to the Alpha Independent Living Ranch, a foster home for young men run by an interdenominational ministry.

Brandon Scott, senior project manager, applauded the GHSU team’s willingness to help and their amazingly quick response. “In the midst of the urgency to complete this project, it was amazing to see an entire workforce two states away in Georgia take time to rally behind this effort to help in every way they could.”

Thankfully, Wilson’s family is safe and the violent storms did not damage his property, but many of his friends, neighbors and acquaintances lost everything.

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The immediate needs of the Shoal Creek Community and Springville United Methodist Church have already been met; however, anyone wishing to donate to the cause should visit the Alpha Ranch website ( for more details about current needs.