Sysco Boston Project Team Innovative in Promoting Safety Awareness at the
January 19, 2012

KBR Building Group’s project team for Sysco Boston’s new Warehouse, Office and Distribution Center under construction in Plympton, Massachusetts, came up with an innovative and creative plan to keep safety and risk awareness top-of-mind during the recent holiday season — a six-week period statistically known for a higher rate of incidents.

“The objective of our initiative was to help everyone on site maintain focus throughout the business of the holidays on the importance of returning home safely to their families every day,” said Kelly Nolan, HSE Manager, KBR Building Group. 

A key element of the Building Group’s safety program is the Total Safety Task Instruction (TSTI), a program imperative for pre-task planning which requires Supervisors to fill out a form each morning for the task they will be performing. 

“Although TSTIs (pre-task planning forms) are normally black and white, we decided to change the color of the form to pink or blue,” Nolan explained.  “The colors signified blue for a boy and pink for a girl, so if the employee designated to complete the daily TSTI and pre-task talk had a son or daughter, a blue or pink form would correspond. The color-coded forms allowed workers to think about going home to their children each day by using the TSTI for its intended purpose – planning safely.”

In addition, employees and subcontractor personnel were asked to bring in photographs of their family members for display at the entrance gate to the jobsite.  “This visual on their way into work was crafted to stimulate focus and remind workers that on-site safety affects a lot more people than the project employees,” said Nolan.  “Because of the enthusiastic response, we plan to keep this practice in place for the duration of the project.”

KBR Building Group’s Safety Director Andy Johnson commended the Sysco project team’s efforts. “I believe they struck the very essence of why safety is so important to each of us: it’s about our family.  The benefits of safety go beyond the task, project, or lifetime of the individual; they cascade from generation to generation.”