KBR Building Group Renovating Hyatt Regency Greenville on N. Main Street in Heart of Downtown Greenville (S.C.)
March 8, 2012

Greenville, South Carolina — KBR Building Group has been selected by JHM Hotels to provide construction services for a multi-million dollar renovation of the Hyatt Regency Greenville located on North Main Street in the heart of downtown Greenville, South Carolina.  JHM Hotels recently shared details of the project with local business leaders and the public at a special event at the 30-year-old Hyatt Regency Greenville. There JHM unveiled architectural renderings and announced their choice of KBR Building Group’s Greenville office as general contractor, and local firm McMillan Pazdan-Smith as architect of record. 

 KBR Building Group’s assignment includes 75,000 square feet of interior improvements to the lobby, bar and restaurant area. This work includes complete removal and replacement of indoor/outdoor fountains, and a total makeover of administration areas, check-in counter and ballrooms. The existing precast atrium interior will be concealed with new wood and stainless steel trim. The new bar area will feature a 40-foot-high custom crystal sculpture that hangs from the ceiling, accented by 14-foot-high, laser-cut steel light towers.  Second-floor renovations include a new kitchen and restaurant that will overlook the atrium area.

KBR Building Group is also responsible for renovating and upfitting Hyatt meeting space that adjoins the atrium. Designated Studio 220, the larger, new meeting space, located on the corner of Main and Beattie Streets, will be flooded with natural light, have hardwood floors, floating ceiling panels, gallery lighting, and multiple large screen TV’s facing both inside and outside. In addition, the renovation will create a new board room and a “think tank” room for business meetings, and a new open atrium space. Altogether, the Hyatt will have over 37,500 square feet of meeting space, an increase of 13,500 square feet over the current space, making it the perfect new, upscale spot for local Greenville events, business gatherings, and national conferences.  KBR Building Group will also be making some exterior improvements to the hotel building.

Construction is being phased, with completion milestones at periodic intervals this summer and fall.  The final phase of construction is scheduled for completion in December 2012. 

More about the Project
The hotel will remain open during construction, although the square will be closed for periods during the exterior renovations. KBR Building Group’s project manager, Berry Ponder, noted that there are challenges inherent in updating a fully functioning and operating hotel. Major demolition and slab replacement in the atrium was completed during a two-week period of low occupancy. This included the removal of the hotel bar, concrete in-fill of the interior fountains and landscaping areas, and construction of an elevated slab for the new bar. The team also removed and replaced the ceiling and some feature walls in the 10,000-square-foot ballroom pre-function area.

JHM’s news release of Feb. 15, 2012, noted, “The Hyatt renovation is only one part of this exciting project. In addition to the brand new lobby, renovated guest bathrooms and corridors, new skin applications covering the interior concrete, and exterior improvements, look for a new DESTINATION at North Main—NOMA SQUARE.” (NoMa) is short for North Main. Read more at http://www.nomasquare.com/

History with JHM Hotels — JHM, a repeat client for KBR Building Group, is a privately held, national company started by the Rama family and is based in Greenville, South Carolina. KBR Building Group completed a major renovation at JHM’s Marriott Greenville several years ago for which we received an Eagle Award, the highest level of recognition for excellence in construction from the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) of the Carolinas.