Greenville Employees Generously "Share the Warmth" by Donating Coats and Blankets for Local Distribution to Needy
March 15, 2012

Greenville, SC — A number of KBR Building Group employees in Greenville actively participated in the office's "It's Time to Bundle Up" campaign, a wintertime community service initiative designed to "share the warmth" with local families and individuals in need. A total of 14 coats and blankets were given to a nearby soup kitchen located off Stone Avenue in downtown Greenville. KBR Building Group became familiar with this soup kitchen last March when Clarice Byrd, HSE Dept., coordinated a shoe drive in support of a local ministry that distributes donated footwear to those less fortunate.

Clarice helped organize this year's bundle-up campaign, and was quick to thank her co-workers for their generous donations. Mitzi Scarborough, office manager/marketing coordinator, noted, "Last year, we were able to support many charitable organizations simply by cleaning our closets and making monetary donations. We set a high standard for ourselves by committing to a community service project every month, and plan to continue our giving efforts this year with equal enthusiasm."