Client Advisory


World-Class Services Combined with Strong End-Market Expertise and a Robust Technology Toolkit

We provide a wide range of world-class client advisory services including business solutions consulting, upstream planning, and program management services. BE&K Building Group’s client advisory services incorporate strong end-market experience combined with a broad technology toolkit to drive solutions for our client’s most complex problems. Many of our solutions produce positive downstream CapEx results. Our advisory services technology toolkit includes immersive visualization, interoperability consulting, reality capture management, visual time-lining, master multi-model BIM advisory, and 4D and 5D platform modeling. Additionally, we also provide risk management advisory services including claims management, contract reviews, and risk mitigation plans.

We have provided advisory services as part of larger contracts to the following representative list of distinguished clients.

Texas A&M University

McAllen Center

University of Florida

Research Center


Building Program

Novo Nordisk

Building Program

Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation

Building X

General Mills Operations

Building Program

Hyatt Regency

Building Program

Honda Aircraft Company

Building Program


Distribution Center

Duke University

School of Law

Dupont Chestnut Run

Project Renaissance

Cedar Park Regional

Medical Center

Mike Baumbach

Client Advisory

Our Client Advisory service offering is led by Mike Baumbach, Executive Vice President for BE&K Building Group. With more than 35 years of industry experience,  Mike’s goal is to fully capture and understand each of our client’s business needs. He provides individualized hands-on leadership to ensure the highest value services are delivered to our clients resulting in project success.