BE&K Building Group’s vision is to complete all work without incident or injury. We know this vision is achievable because we routinely complete complex projects safely. Our approach to safety, supported by our industry-leading safety program, challenges each person to work safely simply because it’s “the right thing to do.” We foster a “brother’s keeper” mindset that empowers workers with personal ownership and responsibility for the safety and well-being of everyone at their work site.

Critical to our continued success is the selection of qualified, safety-minded subcontractors. We work with firms that share our value for safety excellence and demonstrate their commitment to complete all work incident- and injury-free. We begin planning for safety success at the earliest project stages, during design and preconstruction, through the development of project-specific execution strategies that include safety, logistics, and material handling pre-planning. Once a project is underway, all workers are required to complete a detailed pre-task work plan (Total Hazard Analysis) for their respective day’s work. Each step of each day’s work is discussed, associated risks are identified, and agreement is reached to eliminate risks before any work begins.

BE&K Building Group’s Recordable Incident Rate, including the performance of our subcontractors, is .29 (well below the construction industry average of nearly 3.00).