Virtual Design + Construction


At BE&K, we employ the most advanced and innovative technologies available in our pursuit of one ambition — to provide the best building experience for everyone involved on our projects. Eliminating waste, duplication, and confusion from the construction process means you receive an enjoyable construction experience without surprises and, at the end of the day, the best facilities for your people.

We take the best technologies available combined with the expertise of our in-house professionals to improve productivity and provide solutions to challenges in the built environment. Our hand-selected team will collaborate with your team to provide the optimal menu of technology-driven services to deliver your project the right way the first time. Many of the advanced technologies listed below are provided on every BE&K project.

Virtual Design + Construction Technology

Results + Benefits

Virtual Design + Construction (VDC) technology enables a better way of delivering capital projects, making informed decisions, enhancing collaboration, and producing more accurate data. It brings clarity + certainty to the most demanding projects through:

  • Faster preconstruction cycles to better understand cost + schedule
  • Visual planning to support communication
  • Reduced field issues through comprehensive modeling
  • Reduced schedules due to advanced planning + quality management
  • Higher ROIs through technology


We have a deep bench of industry-leading, technology-focused experts.

We provide hand-selected software applications customized for each project.

From preconstruction through construction, we provide a collaborative environment to help plan and drive design and construction decisions through option analysis, financial modeling, and risk management. Throughout the project lifecycle, we provide technology specific to serve each project’s unique requirements.



A construction management platform that provides project stakeholders with easy access to current information. Enhances collaboration by providing a central location for all drawings, RFIs, submittals, and documents specific to safety, cost control, quality control, and schedule validation.


Centralized solution for comprehensive bid solicitation and bid management coupled with a trade partner prequalification tool providing benchmarked contractor financial, capacity, and safety performance reviews to mitigate risk.


From site selection to ribbon cutting, manage, measure, and monitor projects with drone imagery. Apply technology to create consumable and sharable drone maps, 3D models, and project photos. Utilize advanced aerial photogrammetry to create 3D topography maps providing volumetric analysis for accurate site condition evaluations and measurements.


Use standard and 360° photography to capture jobsite progress photos, track installed work, and communicate with teams. Make meetings more efficient by reviewing up-to-date conditions. Walk the jobsite from your phone, iPad, or laptop. Know exactly what’s been installed and where. Share PDFs of floor plans linked with respective progress photography that work completely offline.


Capture an accurate point cloud to create exact 3D maps of existing conditions, installed work, and as-built conditions. Link point clouds to the project’s coordination model to validate design, check floor flatness, verify locations of installed work and equipment, and identify variances. Efficiently correct any issues in the support of overall project quality. Assists with preconstruction, logistics, coordination, installation tracking, and as-built deliverables.


Create 3D models for site logistics, planning, and communication. Generate highly detailed virtual mock-ups to test scope detail and validate installation sequences. Produces a detailed digital copy of the project to coordinate systems and resolve issues before field fabrication and installation.


Use project models to create, manage, visualize, and track project schedules. Generate sequence animations, review construction plans, identify opportunities for improvement, simulate construction activities, and optimize project schedules.


Communicate design with greater clarity whether in the office or on a jobsite. Helps teams run QA/QC, find coordination issues, and validate designs through the use of immersive + photorealistic digital environments.


Use project models to create, manage, visualize, and track project schedules. Generate sequence animations, review construction plans, identify opportunities for improvement, simulate construction activities, and optimize project schedules.


Full site, 24/7 monitoring for temperature, humidity, carbon monoxide, VOCs, particulates, noise, light, and pressure. Designed to detect unsafe environmental working conditions and potential risks to installed scope in real time. Drill into data by floor or area, customize reporting, and create custom alerts for your mobile device. Creates a historical record of the conditions of your project.