From conceptual estimating and scheduling, through detailed estimating and Guaranteed Maximum Pricing (GMP) programs, we employ the most advanced toolkit of sophisticated technology products. Executed by seasoned planners/estimators with specific end-market expertise, BE&K Building Group delivers accurate and reliable results through all phases of our projects. Our technology toolkit, including Laser Scanning, StructionSite, Revit, Synchro, BuildingConnected, TradeTapp, and more, combined with our business solutions consulting and other client advisory services, enables our clients to receive real-time snapshots for project scopes, costs, and schedules. This up-to-date project analysis provides construction alternatives for enhanced planning efforts producing the best business decisions early in the preconstruction and planning process. Our project approach and virtual design + construction technology also position project scopes, costs, and schedules for optimized coordination benefiting the implementation of downstream construction management services.

Our Technology Toolkit

  • BuildingConnected — Easily identifies and qualifies subcontractors, sends custom bid invitations, and communicates. Leverages the largest network of builders, views historical costs, and obtains real-time analytics.
  • Faro — Creates a 3D point cloud of existing conditions to improve the quality of design by starting with accurate as-builts.
  • Navisworks — Build your project virtually first, get it right, and then build it in the field.
  • Pype Autospecs — AI that digitally searches specifications to automatically create submittal logs.
  • Revit + InfraWorks — Creates Building Information Models (BIMs) to better understand design, visualize solutions, and collaborate.
  • StructionSite — Uses 360-degree photos to document and share virtual walkthroughs of projects.
  • Synchro — Leverages BIM models for 4D visual scheduling and virtual reality. Uses project models to create, manage, and track project CPM schedules. Links models to P6 schedules.
  • TradeTapp — Enables intelligent subcontractor selection and data-driven decisions to support successful risk management programs.

BEK Vice President Preconstruction and Technology Kevin Bredeson Headshot

Kevin Bredeson

Vice President | Preconstruction + Technology

Kevin leads Preconstruction + Technology for the company. Kevin works closely with our Business Unit Leaders, Preconstruction Directors, and Innovation + Technology leaders to advance company-wide collaboration across our Preconstruction + Technology services; drive best-in-class uniform systems and software toolkits; provide advanced training; and further BE&K’s cross-office production and resource sharing.