Building a Legacy of Safety: How BE&K’s Onsite Safety Committees Are Making a Difference

May 16, 2024

Nick Bilski

Risk Management Director

Many years ago, BE&K Building Group (BE&K) embarked on a transformative journey that redefined safety standards across all our projects. Recognizing the paramount importance of our workforce’s health and safety, we established dedicated Safety Committees on every project. In this blog, we reflect on the lasting impact of these committees, celebrating their integral role in maintaining and elevating BE&K’s commitment to safe work environments and practices.

Establishing a Culture of Safety

Safety Committees benefit onsite employees’ physical well-being and the overall success of a project. These Committees include representatives from all levels of participating trade partner organizations, giving workers a voice in health and safety matters and increasing their engagement and commitment to workplace safety.

Benefits of Safety Committees

Implementing Onsite Safety Committees

BE&K requires onsite Safety Committees on every project. Be sure to incorporate the following into your project’s Safety Committee:

Creative Strategies for Effective Safety Committees

Successful safety committees remain interesting, fresh, and visible. They get creative and outside of their comfort zones. Popular activities that work for almost any type of business include safety contests/events, guest speakers, training programs, employee suggestion programs, and safety recognition awards. Your Safety Committee needs to get out of the conference room and into the field/facility. The following provides a short list of examples of hands-on activities that can be led by a Safety Committee:

When your Safety Committee is engaged and empowered, it serves as a vital piece of your company’s loss prevention program. With enthusiastic team members and creative activities, the Committee can spread a culture of safety to every worker on the project.

Delivering Client Value Through Unwavering Safety Commitment

The maturity and success of BE&K’s Safety Committees have provided a competitive advantage translating into tangible benefits for our clients, including:

Continuing the Safety Legacy

Looking back on the journey, establishing Safety Committees has been a cornerstone achievement for BE&K and a true testament to our unwavering commitment to creating and maintaining the safest work environments. As we move forward, we remain dedicated to nurturing this legacy of safety, continuously seeking ways to innovate and enhance our safety practices for the well-being of our employees and trade partners and the satisfaction of our clients.

Our history of safety excellence is not just a record of our past but a foundation for our future. At BE&K, we are proud of the safe, productive, and quality-driven environments we create, reflecting our dedication to excellence in every project we undertake.

To learn more about our commitment to safety, visit us at BE&K Building Group.