Building the Next Generation of Leaders

January 16, 2023

Frank Holley

Chief Executive Officer

The essential essence of what makes BE&K Building Group a great business partner and place to work is our people. After all, our company motto is It’s All About People. Our PEOPLE are at the core of everything we do and are all that make our work so productive and rewarding. So, as we kick off a new year, I thought I’d take the opportunity to dive a little deeper into our company’s culture of investing in our people and nurturing employee development. Providing our people the opportunity to foster career development and growth is a top priority for BE&K. January is also National Mentoring Month which is another great reason to kick off the year discussing such an important topic.

BE&K offers an immense amount of training opportunities to all our employees. One of the unique ways we are investing in our employees’ growth is through our Next Generation Leadership (NGL) Program. While we encourage all our long-term employees to mentor our new and younger team members, our NGL Program takes a different approach to mentoring. BE&K’s NGL Program provides participants the opportunity to learn more about the company, learn more about themselves, interact and build relationships with other team members who work in different departments, build personal leadership skills, and collaborate and learn from BE&K’s executive leadership team. The year-long program requires a high level of engagement, commitment, and personal motivation from each class.

Throughout the year, NGL participants regularly meet in person and virtually to develop and refine their leadership skills. Our goal with this program is to give our employees the opportunity for personal development and to position them to lead the company forward as our next generation.

One of my favorite parts of our NGL Program are the end-of-year capstone projects, where each class breaks into focus groups to target specific aspects of our business/work with the goal of offering recommendations for improvement to the company’s executive leadership team. I am always blown away by each group’s final presentation, the amount of work they have invested, and their passion. I am happy to share BE&K has implemented several of our NGL’s recommendations into the company’s day-to-day business practices.

So, why is this topic personally important to me? It involves the circle of life. BE&K is blessed beyond measure that we have a large representation of long-term employees who have been with the company for decades. These seasoned professionals have laid the foundation for what makes BE&K, BE&K. But in the not-too-distant future, many of these key team members who helped shape this company into what it is today will be enjoying their next phase of life – retirement. That’s why our NGL Program and other training opportunities are so incredibly important to me. This importance is compounded by the fact that BE&K is rapidly growing, onboarding many young, talented, and diverse groups of people with fresh ideas for how to do business and be successful. It’s such an exciting time in my 30-plus years with this company.

Our vision at BE&K is to be the best construction services provider in every market we serve and to create a legacy of excellence for our people. The best way to preserve this legacy is by putting our employees first, investing in their personal growth, and instilling our guiding principles and core values into the company’s DNA. Our NGL Program and many other training opportunities take much time and effort to provide but are some of the best investments we’ve made as a company. I will never regret investing in our people and look forward to our next generation making our company even better and more successful.

It’s All About People.

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