Power Transformer Manufacturing Facility

This manufacturing facility is sited on 43 acres. At the heart of the project is a 257,000 sf manufacturing facility where EFACEC produces power plant electrical transformers for the U.S. Market. These products include core form, shell form and mobile power substations. A stand-alone, 17,000 sf office facility situated in front of the manufacturing facility houses the headquarters, operations, and support staff. The office building is distinct in that it is designed to resemble the shape of a transformer. Other components of the project include an exterior Chiller/MEP yard, a 3,000 sf pre-engineered metal building compressor, an oil tank farm, and a 240-ton gantry crane foundation with connecting rail spur.

  • Service — Design-Build
  • Architect — BRPH
  • Produces transformers weighing 600 tons