Future Beef Operations

Beef Processing Facility

Our scope of work for Future Beef Operations’ beef processing plant facility (now DBA Creekstone Farms) included the building and process design; equipment arrangements; equipment selection, procurement, and installation; and all related construction services. This 385,000 sf state-of-the-art facility is capable of processing 1,725 head of cattle per day – from live animal to case-ready meat. It includes areas for producing ground beef, cooked meat, and pet food, as well as a tannery. An 8,000 sf Central Utility Building (CUB) was constructed housing all refrigeration support, steam generation boilers, hot water heaters, a hot water high pressure pump system, compressed air systems, and the facility’s main switchgear. A 12,500 sf Wastewater Treatment Plant was also designed and built on a 12-acre tract that includes clarifiers, aeration basins, anaerobic lagoons, and a holding pond.

  • Service — Design-Build
  • Architect — VCP&A
  • Food Plant of the Year