NC Department Of Health and Human Services

State Laboratory for Public Health

This five-story building serves as North Carolina’s primary facility for laboratory tests and public health issues affecting the citizens of the State. The facility was constructed with four finished floors and a fifth floor serving as the mechanical penthouse. Approximately 60% of the building’s square footage houses extensive laboratory spaces with custom lab casework and furnishings to support many different public health lab functions. Several of the laboratories are constructed as certified BSL-3 labs. Laboratory support areas include offices for lab personnel, gowning areas, equipment areas for autoclaves, glass washers, and water treatment equipment. The remainder of the building’s square footage houses administrative offices and associated support areas including common spaces such as a shared entrance, break areas, conference spaces, and training areas to encourage communication and camaraderie between the different lab departments housed in the facility.

  • Service — General Contracting
  • Architect — O'Brien Atkins
  • 700,000 safe work-hours
  • 50+ bio-safety cabinets