Omega Protein

Omega Pure Processing Facility

This 100-metric-tons-per-day, food-grade Omega Pure processing facility includes 7,000 sf of office and laboratory space, as well as 20,000 sf dedicated to dry and freezer warehouse space. The project’s scope included a separate mechanical building to house boilers, air compressors, cooling towers, and equipment for chilled water and wastewater pretreatment. The project required design and installation of processes for crystallization to separate stearins and oleins, for caustic refining to remove fatty acids, and for bleaching and deodorization. The facility’s production can be expanded to a capacity of 150-metric-tons-per-day with the addition of another crystallizer and deodorizer. The packaging area features space for package piles, drums, totes, and bulk tanker trucks.

  • Service — Design-Build
  • Architect — Alliance Engineering
  • A producer of heart-healthy fish oils containing Omega-3 fatty acids