Curia Tops Out

February 21, 2024

BE&K Building Group and Curia Celebrate Topping Out of ABQ Expansion (Large Scale) 

BE&K Building Group (BE&K) and Curia celebrated a major project milestone on Wednesday, February 21, with a Topping Out ceremony for the ABQ Expansion Large-Scale project in Albuquerque, NM. The ceremony marked the successful completion of the steel erection, slightly ahead of schedule. The large-scale project encompasses a new 68,000 sf multi-story steel structure addition and fit-up to Curia’s existing manufacturing facility, focused on expanding services in three main areas. The first will significantly expand manufacturing capabilities with new BSL-2 formulation and filling capacity. The second adds vial packaging and inspection, including a large expanded -80°C (-112°F) freezer storage area. The third provides a redesigned façade and entryway, offering secure access and visitor amenities without impacting adjacent ongoing operations.

The celebration began with Jon Shoemaker, Curia’s Vice President and General Manager, delivering heartfelt words of appreciation and commending the remarkable efforts of the project team. Ryan Christensen, BE&K’s Senior Project Manager, echoed Shoemaker’s sentiments, underscoring the impressive safety record attained throughout the project.

The event was well-attended by trade contractors and many Curia personnel, including individuals from various project management roles and from their existing facility. Notable attendees included Eric Schneider, Curia’s Director of Global Equipment Engineering, and Alex Strauss, Curia’s Principal Process Equipment Engineer. BE&K provided a delicious BBQ lunch and hosted a raffle drawing, with a few lucky tradespeople walking away with gift cards.

During the luncheon, pride and camaraderie filled the air as we acknowledged the collective efforts that made this accomplishment possible. It was a moment to recognize the hard work, diligence, and vigilance exhibited by our team members who contributed to maintaining a safe working environment. Their unwavering commitment to safety not only protected themselves but also ensured the well-being of their colleagues, emphasizing that safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Our team’s dedication and commitment to safety were evident, with an impressive 35,000 workhours logged on-site to date without any lost time or recordable incidents. This achievement serves as a reminder of the value of prioritizing safety in all aspects of our work. Moving forward, we remain committed to upholding the highest safety standards to ensure every team member returns home safely each day.